Ask a Tagger — Anything, Really!

Whether you love it, hate it or could care less, everyone has a personal opinion about graffiti. As a multimedia project, what Red Line D.C. aims to do is bring those opinions out into the open; to facilitate civic conversations around public art and public space. Not just the city we live in, but the city we want to live in and the public art we want to see. So, here’s your chance to get involved and have a dialogue with the graffiti writers impacting the aesthetics of your commute. If you could ask them anything, what would it be? Share what questions you have about red line graffiti and we’ll field them to the writers! Help us decide how future interviews should go. Post your questions in the comments section below or email them to . Whatever your stance on graffiti may be, we want to hear from you here!


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  1. Why is there so little tagging on the west side of the redline – Grosvenor – Shady Grove. Have people tried and they were just quick to cover it up?

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