Summer of (City) Love

It’s been awhile since we checked in, and maybe since you have, too, but much has been happening behind the scenes of Red Line D.C. Pairing academic research with documentary pursuits has offered us a chance to look at graffiti and space, culture and community from so many different angles. As we look ahead to a summer of filming and fundraising, we come loaded with underlying questions: How do we read and explain the writing on the red line walls? How do graffiti writers and  metro riders interact with that space? And what does the red line mean to D.C. history — and future?

Getting answers to these questions means talking to city folk and garnering interest in our work. The plan is to accomplish both this summer; to spread the word and compile opinion. Whether on this site, via email or interview, we want you to sound off on metro graffiti. Hopefully, the warm weather will inspire some good conversation …

But besides politicking on public art, we’ll need you to contribute with direct support. Last week, our project was lucky enough to be awarded a small/planning grant from the Humanities Council of Washington, D.C. This initial funding is a great start, but we need the community to help invest in us, too. In the coming weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to donate to this project online and our partnering nonprofit Words, Beats and Life, Inc. will have some awesome (and relevant) events  to attend during this year’s kickoff of MuralsDC.

We’re excited to use the next few months to continue documenting the District’s graffiti, to rediscover the city and re-engage the people.

Here’s to a fun and productive summer!


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