Graffiti Gone Wild

Last week, we had the pleasure of visiting 5Pointz in Long Island, NYC, a 200,000 sq. foot factory where permissible graffiti abounds. Aerosol art can be found everywhere from the sidewalks to the fire escapes, from the building walls to its rooftops as well as nearby slabs of concrete canvas. The place is a “graffiti Mecca” of sorts where writers come to add their names to an ever-growing congregation without any threat of arrest.

Considering how widely known 5Pointz is by graffiti writers and readers, alike, it makes us consider how a permissible graffiti space like this might operate in the capital city. Would an allocated stretch of land, on the red line or elsewhere in the city become an attraction in Ddot, like 5Pointz is in NYC?

Check the photos and let us know your thoughts!

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