WATCH: Random Acts of Expression, NYC

Videos have a powerful case of contagion online. If our Red Line D.C. reel is any example, multimedia is a great way to catch and share a glimpse of city life and everyday happenings, here in the capital or elsewhere in the world. In our personal travels across the interweb, we came across a recent YouTube video of a commuter’s experience with public art on the New York City subway. In this case, the unsanctioned art at work was an impromptu jam session (ukulele, included!) between alleged strangers.

The lively back-and-forth between songstress and drummer clearly held the attention of some passengers on the train, including mybs86, the user who posted the video and titled it “never a dull moment on the NYC subway.” Still, not everyone aboard was as impressed. Watch the clip and you’ll notice a couple heads low and a few eyes averting the disruption. Seems a lot like the mixed reviews we got from red line commuters about the graffiti and murals there to distract their ride. Some riders, like mybs86, were enthusiastic fans while others were ambivalent or outright annoyed by the unwelcome expression. Check out the video and tell us where you stand on graffiti, gratuitous concerts and other unsought transit distractions.


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