From Graffiti-Watching to People-Watching

It’s obvious from our last post that there are other things, besides graffiti, to hold your attention on public transit. People-watching is, perhaps, the most commonly enjoyed sport. Who among us hasn’t stopped to ogle or even capture a picture of a fellow rider while en route? (We sure have: See Photo.) Which brings us to “nyc subways and the people on them.” This commuter-made Tumblr blog is a collection of snapshots taken of unsuspecting subway riders, from eccentric seniors to sneaker-clad teens to unabashed fashionistas, all on their way to who-knows-where. The compilation of everyday images reminds us a lot of the “The Subway Pictures” by Peter Peter. With the same covert eye aimed at the NYC subway, Peter Peter’s photo book captures the communal experience of public transit by highlighting its ever-changing cast of ordinary (and extraordinary) characters.  Take a look at the pictures and feel free to share your own!

Summer 2011 | A family looks out the window underground Union Station. (Photo courtesy of Saaret Yoseph)

Summer 2011 | A couple dozes off on the red line metro. (Photo courtesy of Saaret Yoseph)


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