The Graffiti-Fueled Field Trip

It was a typical Sunday with extraordinary ambition. A small group of strangers convened at Metro Center this past weekend with only their curiosity in common. After a quick exchange of names and pleasantries, they boarded a train toward Glenmont and gave little thought to the destination. This was an afternoon commute that was all about the journey; an art-filled event steeped in the metro experience. And of course, Red Line D.C. was along for the ride.

The event, hosted by Knowledge Commons DC, was a part of the metro poetry series, Slam the Rails. In last weekend’s session, Joseph Ross shared poetry inspired by the work of graffiti writer Cool Disco Dan. As the the last car of the train ascended out of the tunnel and above ground, Ross began his reading. Attendees (and unsuspecting riders) took in the names and sights of  the red line–some even for the first time! After a couple of unexpected stops along the way, the ride ended at Takoma station, where participants were invited to reflect on the ride and its surrounding graffiti.

Check out the flicks from our graffiti-fueled field trip!

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