Hello, My Name is SMK

It’s been way too long since we’ve had a guest blogger. And, as we begin to reach the end of Red Line D.C.‘s journey, it seems only fitting to hear from someone who’s experience with “the Line” goes back decades. Writer SMK is allegedly one of the first to get up on the Red line. Yet, despite his OG status, he’s been kind enough to collaborate with us on the Red Line D.C. Mixtape, a playlist of transit-inspired songs and sounds. SMK will be curating for your FREE listening pleasure to help promote events and fundraising this month. Stay tuned for more on that …

But until then, here’s a word or two from the man, himself, as well as a few metro graffiti flicks from his personal collection:

I do not philosophize about what I do. I just want to get my shit off. (paint) with the least amount of attention, until the graffiti is visible the next day.

I am a Graffiti writer not a graffiti artist, nothing artsy about me, nor do I really care to express my feelings, emotions, to the public. Everything I have to say is on whatever media I paint on.

As 1st order of the Free Agents

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