Main Event(s): Show Up & Show Love

Remember those promises we made about Red Line D.C. and summer fun? Well, summer is upon us, people, so set your sights–and synchronize your calendars–for all the fun in-store for you. In preparation for upcoming events, we just launched a seven-week long fundraising campaign to promote the project and pay for the costs & labor needed to make Red Line D.C. come to life. Please check out our campaign page and contribute what you can.

In the meantime, show some love at one (or ALL) of the events we have planned for June. Bring yourself, a few friends and a lot of enthusiasm. We’ll be expecting you …

Red Line D.C. Happy Hour & Sneak Peek Screening
Friday, June 15th
6-9 p.m.
RAS Restaurant
4809 Georgia Ave, NW
(btw. Decatur St. & Delafield Pl.)

Red Line D.C. Closeout Party
Thursday, June 21st
6-9 p.m.
2005 14th St, NW
(btw. V & U st)

Outdoor Sneak Peek Screening
Wednesday, June 27th
Sundown (roughly 7pm)
Loree Grand Field
(at the intersection of 2nd and L Streets, NE)

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