The Mixtape Effect

Earlier this week we announced our most recent Red Line D.C. remix. You might have seen us tweeting about it or caught the call-to-action in this WTOP interview with Saaret Yoseph,Red Line D.C.’s director and producer. However you got wind of the news, here’s the down-and-dirty: We’re trying to crowdsource a soundtrack for the Red line.

Originally, the idea was to get an old school graffiti writer, like SMK, to curate a Red Line D.C. Mixtape. But instead, we’re taking a slightly different route. The goal of the project–in all its different forms–has always been to bridge the gap of experience with the Red line. So, what better way to do that than with a mixtape composed by the masses? We created a Twitter hashtag, #RedLineDC, to collect any songs and/or tracks suggested. Feel free to email us as well at with the subject line “#RedLineDC Mixtape.” We’re open to all submissions, just keep in mind the themes of transit, graffiti and the city.

Here’s hoping for a fun and active experiment. You never know what you’ll get, when you get on-board the Red line. But what if, the next time you took a ride, the person sitting beside you was looking out of the window, too, and nodding along to the same song?


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