The Issues

As we release footage from production and post updates on the film, Red Line D.C. intends to provoke a larger discussion around the overlapping issues of illegal public art — communal space, anonymous identity, vandalism, fame culture, ownership and appropriation among others. Take a look at the essays and articles below then add any we missed in the comments section.

BBC Video | Murals D.C. project

Graffiti in Australia | Permissible Spaces for Writers

Trending Grafitti | How one comedian’s joke became a viral graffiti tag

Capturing and Cataloging Graffiti | The ethics of public art

Public Space Innovation | Container city outside of Mexico City

Remixing Public Art | Reverse graffiti?

In Response to Space | Haitian artists depict the impact of the earthquake

The Short Life of Street Art | When the space is gone, so goes the art

Public Space & Participation | Citizens in Bristol vote on street art preservervation

D.C. Graffiti | BORF in the city



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