WATCH: A Little Something Extra

This November, Red Line D.C. will wrap and release with a final short film called, SEE / LINE. But until then, let’s cool our heels and countdown the days with bonus footage from the project.

Here, Red line commuters dish their opinions on the metro and what it’s like to ride our favorite metro route.

Riding the Red Line from citylovedc on Vimeo.

Want to see more? Check back for additional bonus footage and deleted scenes, as well as upcoming event details!


The Red Line’s Nerdy Side

It isn’t easy explaining all the moving parts of Red Line D.C., but director and producer Saaret Yoseph did her best last week. Presenting in front of faculty at Georgetown University, she defended the research and remixing done for the project  over the past two years. Saaret discussed the transient elements of graffiti and transit as well as her motivations for exploring the everyday aesthetics of our Red line commute.  The event was a marker of Red Line D.C. ‘s progress and a milestone in her graduate career in the Communication, Culture & Technology program at Georgetown. If you’re looking for insight on what makes this whole interactive, multimedia project work, get into geek-mode and take a look at this snippet from the presentation:

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Without Further Ado …

Here’s the rough cut of Red Line D.C.‘s first installment, See Something, Say Something. Check out our efforts in this first part of the red line series then let us know what you think in the comments section or by emailing us at . We hope you like what you see!